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This year, vote your hopes

It's hard not to start this with the most obvious question: what kind of president mobilizes 500,000 people in protest against his party's policies?

But, really, enough about George W. Bush. The Republican National Convention protests were an amazing display of the people's voice — but let them be our last hurrah of anti-Bush fervor. The most poignant sign I saw there had a simple message: "Vote your hopes, not your fears."

For Americans of the internet generation, this is the most important election of our lifetime — and it is an election not just important because of the incredible step backward America has taken in the last four years, but because of the steps forward we can take in the next four.

John Kerry can lead us there. Use these link buttons on your website to support Kerry for president. Link to this page, to, or — better yet — to your own message about why you'll be voting for Kerry in this year's presidential race.

And this November 2, don't just vote Kerry-Edwards because you are scared of what will happen if they lose. Vote Kerry-Edwards because you are excited what will happen when they win.

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If you like these buttons, please make a donation to the Kerry-Edwards campaign via this page.

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